Franc Smidt,
CEO of TORtec Group

One of the most common methods of processing materials is their grinding. There are practically no industry where this method would not be required. Since it is extremely difficult to extract valuable elements and materials that are in a bounded state just using a rough grinding alone (which, respectively, leads to high losses), one of the main tasks in this respect is, to achieve an opportunity to fine and ultra-fine grinding, especially in “exposing” a crystal. Since conventional shredders, based on the principle of mechanical action have almost reached upscale of their technological limits, the main target lays in the development of processes and devices in many sectors aimed to intensify the physico-chemical reactions in turbulent, cavitation, vortex, film and inkjet in small devices with the release of the crushed product to gain sub-micron level highly homogeneous (uniform), suspensions, emulsions and powders. 

Not only the implementation of many processes in similar ways can be effective in terms of costs and performance, but also allow to radically improve the efficiency and to create a new technology to gain new products  that can not be manufactured  through using traditional methods.

The company Hi-Tech Inovace s.r.o. was established in 2011 in the Czech Republic to create production facilities for the synthesis of super-hard materials, such as lab. grown diamonds and treatment of natural diamond stones to enhance their colour with the overal capacity p to 40,000 carats per year.
The patented high-tech production reside in the industrial area “Impera Park” in Praha city. Since then, our production facility has grown to a scientific and experimental workshop for development of the technologies in the field of manufacture of super-hard materials as deriving from them micro-powders and various composites.
In the year 2014 the experimental workshop successfully tested a new technology for producing of various types of diamond micro-powders metal carbides, ceramics, as a result there were developed the appropriate production lines. Installations were given the code name “Tornado”.
In a joint cooperation with the Research Institute for Technological Progress (EU) and the TORtec ltd. (Cyprus) there were developed complex technological processes for producing of micro-powders based on on metal and ceramic with a target of using them in additive technologies. We have also introduced a number of polymeric micro-powders for application in 3D printers.
For a present day our company standardized over 40 types of composites and micro metal oxides for powder-, laser- and plasma- metallurgy. We have successfully tested the process of manufacturing of nano-structured composites and new, modified materials.
We are open to new challenges and cooperation, our team of scientists and engineers ready to help our business partners and customers to find the comprehensive solutions to reach their target in a most efficient way.